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why beard oil?

One of the most often asked questions of us is: ‘Why beard oil? What’s it for?'

Truth is, the term 'beard oil' is a bit misleading. When most people hear the term, they think it’s something you slap on your beard, and they would be partially correct, because you do apply it to your beard. But there’s so much more. 

So, here’s the basics: Beard oil functions on a number of levels, but it’s primary function is not for the beard, specifically; it’s for the skin. A good quality beard oil - one that derived from the absolute best ingredients - provides nourishment to the area facial hair grows. It’s a facial moisturizer in the form of a gentle, aromatic oil that won't clog the pores on your face. 

The application of beard oil is incredibly important. Many people just pour it on their hand and stroke it over their beard. It’s not that this application is bad. It will soften the hairs, to a degree, but the person doing that is missing out on the majority of the benefits. So, when you’re applying the oil, make sure to get it down to the skin. Massage it through your facial hair and onto your skin, and before too long, you’ll see a massive difference in the appearance of your facial hair. 

Less breakage.
Less flakes.
More awesome. 

One of the other comments we often get is, ‘Well, I don't have a real beard. So beard oil probably isn’t for me.’ 

Listen, there is such thing as a ‘real beard’, and it’s what’s on your face, right now. It’s the #everydaybeard. Sure, some guys are in the position to grow out their facial hair, and that’s awesome! The reality is that many men can’t do that, they don’t really want to do that, and you know what? That’s totally fine. We celebrate what you've got. 

In the end, it doesn't matter the length of your facial hair. If you've got it, you need a quality beard oil to help that hair remain healthy, no matter the length.