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argan oil

Argan Oil hails from the beautiful deserts of Morocco, where laborers gently compress the loose nuts of the Argan Tree, causing an erotically dark, viscous oil to spill out. In the past, laborers would harvest the nuts through the help of mountain goats. Essentially, the goats climb the trees, eat the fruit, and then drop the undigested nuts out their bum, and the laborers are left to sort through the shit. True story. But, rest assured, that’s not how our Argan Oil is cultivated.

Argan Oil is, arguably, the most versatile oil in the world of beautification. It’s one of the best moisturizers for every part of your anatomy: your hair, scalp, face, body, hands, and um... hands.

Bottom line: if your beard-care products don't contain Argan Oil, pitch them in the trash and buy ours.