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Gentleman, Start Your Beards!

Men of the Beard

It starts slowly. Standing by the water cooler in the office, at the grocery checkout, in line at Starbucks, you notice a shadow here and there. As the days pass, the shadows become darker and more full, and all of the sudden you’ve found yourself surrounded by man whiskers! 

Welcome to No Shave November, my friends!

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Wild Goose

Men of the Beard

We had no idea what to expect when we headed out the long and twisted road toward Hot Springs, NC. What the hell were we going to? What kind of stuffs was going to be happening? We didn't even look at the website to figure things out. We just went. What we did know is that we spent the preceding weeks developing a beard tonic, specifically for this festival. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to be with so many bearded brothers and not bring a gift. So we carefully blended cinnamon, clove bud, eucalyptus, wild orange, rosemary, and vetiver for a mildy sweet and smoky fragrance. It was perfect, but we were a little more than nervous about people's reaction. No one besides us had used the products before.

Within a few hours of giving the first bottle to our friend Mark Sandlin, of Moonshine Jesus Show fame, people were walking up to us all like, "Hey! Aren't you the beard tonic guys? We heard about the samples you are giving out, and, well, can we try it?"

People were hooked and we were beyond blown away. 

To everyone who sampled our stuff: your excitement was contagious. Your words of affirmation were coveted. Thank you for taking a chance on a couple no-name guys and their bottles of oil. 

The Wild Goose Festival: thank you for moving the festival to earlier in the summer so we weren't accosted by swarms of bugs or monsoon-like rain storms. Thank you for creating this amazing space for such a diverse group of people to share in life and love, together. 

We'll definitely see y'all next year!