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Gentleman, Start Your Beards!

Men of the Beard

Welcome to No Shave November, friends!

For those of you new to the concept, No Shave November is the time of year when clean-shaven males shelve their disposable Yellow Bic, Harry’s, or Dollar Shave Club razors and grow out their whiskers. The ‘why’ varies.

Some do it because they're just lazy. Some do it because they don't want to be the only guy in the club without a beard. But others do it for more altruistic reasons: they desire to make a difference in the world by raising awareness and money for a particular charitable cause. Maybe they get their friends donate 50 cents for every day in November they no shavey. Maybe they donate their cost for razors and shave cream or barber visits for the month of November. Either way, they're creatively and actively raising both awareness and money for something bigger than themselves, and we think that’s pretty boss.

Clean water is something we're incredibly passionate about and we happen to have a dear friend who, about a decade ago, started a water charity called Thirst Relief. So, we reached out to Jim Hicks and asked if his organization would like to partner Men of the Beard for our No Shave November campaign. His response? “Let’s save some lives, brah!”

So here’s the deal: The campaign is called Dollar Save Club, because we couldn't not call it that. We're asking all of our friends, family, folks we don't know but would like to, and anyone else in the world to donate 1 dollar. Just $1. That amount of money will give 1 person clean water for 2.5 years, and with 1 child dying every 21 seconds of preventable waterborne disease, we think that’s a dollar well spent. If you find your pockets a little heavier these days and desire to give $5 or $10, incredible.

Now, clearly, we’re bearded men. We are committed to beards; especially ours. However. When we reach $10,000 in donations during this campaign, we will video record Brandon’s wife taking great pleasure in fleecing us of our glorious beards. In addition to the post-campaign fleecing, through the entire month of November, Men of the Beard will donate $1 from every sale to the Dollar Save Club campaign.

Beard culture is loads of fun. Having a beard is an amazing experience. But when we get to do what we love AND save some lives… well, that’s the best of everything. 

So we invite you to join us for No Shave November. Let those whiskers grow! Buy our Goose Juice and oil up that new growth. Donate a Washington to help save someone’s life. $1 might not seem like that much to you or me, but to the people Thirst Relief serves, it means the world.

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