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coconut oil

Coconut Oil is all the rage these days. People say it can do everything from fuel your car to kill cancer. We're neither automotive engineers, nor doctors, so we don't know about any of that, but we do know what it can do for your hair, and it's pretty rad.

Coconut oil binds it’s proteins to your follicles, from the tip of your shaft down to the bulb, to make your hair stronger and less susceptible to breakage. It seals in moisture by penetrating the hair shaft, which helps protect against environmental impurities and excess heat. When massaged into the skin behind the beard, it can dramatically improve blood circulation by boosting nutrient and oxygen delivery to your beardage.

Super rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Iron, Coconut Oil pretty much blasts away dandruff, while encouraging hair growth. 

Bottom line: when you’re reading over beard tonic labels and the descriptions don’t contain words like ‘penetrating’, ‘shaft’, ‘dramatically improve blood circulation’, and 'optimum length', you're probably not dealing with a men's product.